Today our crop operation is  supported by two family’s in the 4th and 5th generation. We are very proud of our heritage and below is some history of how we started here in Webster County, Iowa.


Generation 3 – Gene & Mary (George) Stein

Gene lived from 1926-1997, Mary lived from 1930-2015. They married and settled down northwest of Clare, IA.  They raised eight kids, various livestock (hogs, sheep, cattle, horses) and row crops.


Generation 2 – Albert & Anna (McDermott) George


Albert lived from 1897-1949, Ann lived from 1900-1966.  They lived on the home farm near Barnum and raised eight children – all girls. 

Generation 2 – John & Minnie (Koeppen) Stein

John lived from 1888-1975, Minnie lived from 1892-1939. They moved from Pomeroy and settled north of Pioneer, IA.


Generation 1 – George & Anna (Colin) George

George lived from 1864-1941, Anna lived from 1872-1962. George and Anna moved to Webster County in 1894 from Germany.


Generation 1 – Joseph & Susana (Hammen) Stein

Joseph lived from 1866-1959, Susan lived from 1869-1948.  They moved from Keokuk, IA to Pomeroy, IA. 

Generation 1 – Matt & Mary (Condon) McDermott

Matt lived from 1871-1952, Mary lived from 1872-1970.  They raised a family of two kids on a farm near Clare, IA, just north of the home farm today.